26 thoughts on “UAG PLASMA SERIES Case For OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing and Review”

  1. I used to buy UAG cases for all my phones until I got a Moto x4 and they made nothing for that. Now that I have the 7pro my first OnePlus device I wish I would have seen this case before I got the clear OtterBox symmetry case. The lip and side protection looks similar to the symmetry case and really it has the same popup camera cut out and the same deal around the alert slider as the OtterBox symmetry. Do like the clear back and clear Tpu bumpers but they are starting to yellow after less than two months. I think the UAG case with the black bumpers would look good longer. I did buy the Ringke Fusion X case it looks a lot in style like the UAG but is much thinner than previous UAG cases I had, probably won't protect like UAG.

  2. The selfie camera has no bridge because UAG realized that it will show at the bottom edge of some selfie shots depending on the lighting. I had the Spigen Slim Armour that had a bridge protection across but it showed up at the bottom of some of the selfie shots. So well done UAG!

  3. The cut out on the pop up camera is ugly. For me that is a huge miss, it looks like they didn’t finish making the case. I personally wouldn’t pay 40 for that.

  4. most of the other third party cases have issues where the case shows up on the selfie camera, so thats why they made it a cut out.

  5. UAG nails the whole protection and stylish, yet rugged design thing. UAG saved my note 8 from some real nasty drops. Never had a crack screen 40 bucks is steep but it protects so well you'll grow to appreciate the brand.

  6. Hey man. Can you review this VRS case for us?
    Oneplus 7 Pro Case, VRS Design Premium Shockproof Slim Shield Case [Damda High Pro Shield] [Matte Black] Reinforced Corners Compatible with OnePlus 7 Pro, 6.67 inch (2019) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S5J67FG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_njs.Cb0JYGA3X

  7. Hi I've been watching almost all you videos .. try turning on the display and show the front view … That's one view you never do …

  8. I was waiting on this case for the OnePlus 7 Pro but after seeing the cutout for the camera I think I will pass on this. What a shame 😒.

  9. The Poetic Guardian and Revolution cases just came out for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Would like to hear your opinion on that and a few others before I pull the trigger!
    After debating for a while, I think you've earned another sub!
    Good job as always man! 👏

  10. Why would they make dimples like that? How is that gonna protect the phone, why not make the dimples holes instead and have TPU nodules coming through the holes and contacting the phone, then any drop would spread the shock through the softer rubber and spread the impact.

  11. With the design, pop up camera, and the sides, yeah…BUT UAG does make great cases. I am rocking this some one on my Galaxy S10, and the sides come up well, but limited just like you pointed out. However, no popup camera, so the camera protections are really great. UAG fan from way back.

  12. the poetic affinity is better in my opinion.you should review it .
    OnePlus 7 Pro Case, Poetic Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Bumper Cover, Rugged Lightweight, Military Grade Drop Tested, Affinity Series, for OnePlus 7 Pro (2019), Frost Clear/Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QVNX8BH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_j8U-CbNH2556P

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