11 thoughts on “VBA to Transfer Data from Excel to Powerpoint – VBA Tutorial to Automate Excel Powerpoint”

  1. Anyone can advise why it doesn't work for me. I'm very sure the file path is correct. My file path is C:JacobAPACVMODocumentdashboard.ppt. Once the powerpoint is closed and re-opened, it doesn't work and there is no error. 🙁

  2. Hi, great example!
    How do I copy the table in an existing slide in an existing ppt?
    F.e. I want to copy it in slide 4 of "test.pptx"
    Preferably I want to update an existing table in that slide so I can easily update the table with a click on the button.
    Would be great if you explain that also!

  3. Hi, great vid!

    How do you change the code to paste on current open slide and not to slide no. 1.


    How would you change the code to create a new slide at the end of the presentation.


  4. Great video thanks for sharing. I have a question how do you copy ws.Range("A1:G2").copy from sheet1 in Excel to PPT in an existing table. I am able to paste one cell at a time but how do you paste a range. For example I am able to paste ws.range("A1").copy to tbl.cell(3,2).shape.textframe.textrange.paste but how do you copy a range from excel to a table range in PPT.

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