When the Synapsids Struck Back

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Synapsids were the world’s first-ever terrestrial megafauna but the vast majority of these giants were doomed to extinction. However some lived on, keeping a low profile among the dinosaurs. And now our world is the way it is because of the time when the synapsids struck back.

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37 thoughts on “When the Synapsids Struck Back”

  1. Maybe our need to have a roof over our heads is connected to the habit of burrowing? Very interesting episode thank you Eons!

  2. Can you imagine being a small lizzard chilling and this hyperactive black-eyed toothy monster comes after you like a ghost girl crawing on a ceiling?

  3. 3:48 …ok lady, you're trying to tell me that's not a lizard with a tiny shark head, and a frog with a tail?

  4. It surprises me that the other order of reptiles (squamata) have evolved mammalian traits and wonder if a new branch of pseudo mammals could appear from them. Some of these synapsids certainly look a lot like our modern day lizards already so I think it would be possible.

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